Who We Are

We’re Guardian Broadband, Inc, a master agency offering telecommunication and technology consulting, service optimization and account management services for businesses. Since 2002, Guardian Broadband, Inc. has assisted hundreds of businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries in realizing increased savings and greater efficiency from their telecommunication and technology services. We believe that telecom company customer service took a wrong turn somewhere long ago. We believe in a quaint concept…it’s your service, it’s your business and it’s your money, not ours. We fill in the gaps so you receive the service you expect every day allowing you to focus on your business. It’s just the right way to do it.

We’re in this together. Our incentives are aligned perfectly with your service satisfaction. We’re not a provider, we help you manage your providers so they work for you. We’re on your side and we don’t get paid unless you are satisfied.

Our clients have reported savings of 10% – 70% on their monthly telecom expenses while receiving exceptional, expert guidance and service support in the process. We call this service optimization.

Here’s the best part, there are no additional fees or costs associated with our basic offering to optimize & manage your services. Better pricing, better service and our clients are supported by our veteran staff of telecom experts leveraging over 50 years of industry experience. Makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s why it works. No wonder our business continues to grow from client referrals every day.

Find out how to do Business Technology, Your Way today. Call us at 720.220.2225 for a free, no obligation service optimization analysis. We look forward to working with you.