Fax to Email

In today’s business climate, receiving and sending faxes remains critical to every day operations for many organizations. However, faxing can present some challenges, too. Even with the mass adoption of email, many industries, such as financial, medical, insurance and legal still rely heavily on hard copy communications. This introduces the business challenges of confidentiality, identity theft, document loss and document storage.

Fax to Email provides a solution to these challenges by giving you the ability to capture all of your inbound faxes via your email, in the form of a PDF or TIFF file attachment. Only the intended recipient receives the fax. Faxes can be received 24/7, whether you are in the office or traveling, eliminating the risk of information getting lost or sitting on the fax machine in public view for hours, or days. You can turn your email into a document handling center.

Benefits of using Fax to Mail:

  • Save money on paper and toner.
  • Increase productivity with more efficient processing of fax to email documents that can now be easily forwarded via email to another party, uploaded to another system, deleted easily, simple document storage and you can eliminate scanning as well.
  • Simple online administration tools allow you to manage your account from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Prevent sensitive documents from being lost or exposed on a fax machine.
  • Log all documents for easy tracking and confirmation.
  • Go Paperless: Convert all paper documents to electronic files.
  • Fax documents outbound from your desktop, eliminate the need to print, collate and fax.
  • Receive and print documents while you travel, from laptops and PDA’s.
  • Improve security by receiving all faxes in your inbox as attachments.

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