Why It Works

Guardian Broadband, Inc. was formed after listening to business clients describe their need for:

  • Making the process of evaluating, selecting and implementing telecom and technology services easier, less confusing, less risky and less time consuming.
  • Saving money and time so they can stay focused on their priorities.
  • Sound, trustworthy and unbiased consultation on telecom services, technologies, and service providers.
  • One point of contact for all telecommunication and technology services.
  • Accountable and competent service design, order management, and service implementation.
  • Exceptional, ongoing account management & support for service & billing issue resolution, change management, etc., for the life of their services.

We do all of this, and more, for our clients, and at no additional cost. You’ll never receive a bill from us. Remember, we’re not a reseller or a provider, your services are contracted directly with the provider(s) you choose. Since the various service providers reimburse us to provide account management and service support for the life of your services, you don’t have to pay us. This model makes sense because it aligns your needs & priorities with our recommendations & our compensation ensuring that your interests remain the same as ours. We’re in this together. We don’t get paid unless you are happy, it’s that simple.

This model is much different than working with a direct salesperson from a telecom provider. That salesperson is not paid to work with you long term as your account manager, we are. In addition, that salesperson can only offer their provider’s solutions. Since we offer services and solutions from multiple providers, we are able to create and design services that truly fit our client’s requirements with one provider or several, if needed, all with one client contact and under our account management for the life your service. We are your service advocate and account manager for the long term. That is our goal and that is our commitment to you.

Find out how to do Business Technology, Your Way today. Call us at 720.220.2225 for a free, no obligation service optimization analysis. We look forward to working with you.